Sunday, 29 July 2012

Our day out at Bristol Aquarium - Review

Well on Friday night me and Juno had a phone call from my sister asking whether me and Juno would like to join her and Eliya-Mai at Bristol Sea Aquarium. It was our first big adventure as we have never been that far on our own.

We got on the train and made our way up to Bristol, It was exceedingly busy in town as there was a festival on in one part and by the aquarium itself in the square they had a big screen showing the Olympics.

We arrived at the aquarium and we were met by a very friendly member of staff, we paid a very reasonable price of £12.50 each for me and Dani (children under 3 went in for free) and then the lady stamped both of our hands. This meant that if we liked to we could come back again the same day.

We entered the exhibit and came across the native display which had jelly fish, crabs and loads of fish in a sunken ship display. 

Eliya in the by the sunken ship display

They also had a bay of rays exhibit which was in a botanical garden. We walked from the bay of rays to see the giant octopus exhibit. Unfortunately we could not use a flash so my picture didn't come out, but this octopus was massive. The octopus exhibit was in a area which had a lovely mural of Bristol harbour side. 

Bristol Harbour side exhibit

It looked very realistic and around this they has groups of shoaling fish. We then entered what is a teaching area which had a bubble tank where you climb underneath and it looks like you are inside. This had a groups of seahorses where I'm sure one was pregnant.

Dani and Eliya in the bubble tank

There was a coral exhibit, a shark display, an underwater tunnel and a Amazon display that held really big fish and turtles. This was also in a botanical garden and I managed to capture one turtle trying to escape!

Bye Bye see you soon!

 Overall, I found this really good value for money, £12.50 for adults is a great price although children from 3-14 years is a bit steep at £8.75 (they do have a family ticket of 2 adults and 2 children for £38.50 which saves you £4.00).  But the fact you can come back again later in the day is great. 
The staff were really friendly and one even told us what time the next talk was when we turned up just after it finished. 

The Facilities for baby changing was very good too, it was spacious and clean and I felt ok putting Juno on the fold down table. 

The Exhibits were clean and tidy and the shop was really good value for money. 

If you are stuck for something to do in the holidays I would suggest paying them a visit. 

For more information click here - Bristol Aquarium
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Well who's a clever girl then?

Well on Saturday, Juno was playing on the floor on her play mat, out of the corner of my eye I thought I was dreaming. The time had come! Juno- aged 3 and a half months had rolled over. I'm really happy that she has done this but also quite sad. I can't believe how time has flied, what will she be doing next?She has already got a few teeth coming through and is babbling away.

She has her next set of injections next week and another weighing at the church. She has to get weighed once a month now as the health visitors have to keep an eye on her weight because of her heart.

How you doin?